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Digital technology has great potential to transform the public and private healthcare system in different aspects: the daily work of professionals, their relationship with patients, the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments, the overall management of the system and its resources, and healthcare as a whole. All of this with three basic objectives: to raise health levels and be able to measure this increase, to improve the patient’s experience, but also that of the professional in their healthcare practice, and to increase the efficiency of the available resources.

The possibilities are many and the penetration of mobile devices facilitates the involvement of people using the system. It also increases the individual’s involvement in their health care, pushing a trend towards a more proactive approach to health.

However, there are also many obstacles to this process: disparate patient access to technology, risk transfer in decision-making, or the management and ownership of health data, to name but a few.

Certainly, it seems certain that resources must be used to digitize the system and convert spending into investment. But, the key is not only in the use of specific programs or software, but in standardization, interoperability, security and usability for patients and clinicians. Nor is the key to boosting the exploitation of Big Data in healthcare and the use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of health unstructured and unverified data. Much work remains to be done.

Health Insurance Delonia Solutions

Health Core for Insurance Entities

The healthcare platform provides the technological support needed by insurance companies that want to take on a new role in the private healthcare ecosystem: to move beyond processing benefits to managing the health of their insured patients.

Health Digital Prescription

Digital Private Medical Prescription e-Recipe

Using e-Prescription, the private practitioner can issue prescriptions digitally, which can be dispensed at any pharmacy without the patient having to present any paper.