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The digitization and technological adaptation of the different economic sectors is not homogeneous. It is the clients and the society that urges us to move forward when they demand changes. Until a few years ago, the transport and infrastructure sector did not seem to rely massively on the technology demanded by ordinary users. However, now it does so in a constant advance with the aim of being more efficient and sustainable. It is an already unstoppable movement.

The infrastructure sector often has a strong international presence that requires more flexibility to adapt to changing and local trends in each region and country. They need operational efficiency but also to expand their business boundaries. Digital processes supported by technological solutions offer opportunities that are not possible to achieve with manual management. Artificial intelligence for complex data analysis or infrastructure monitoring is making a strong entry into the sector, supported by governments that are investing more and more in this area.

Delonia provides solutions and consultancy services for different sectors, including infrastructure, transport, maintenance, logistics and security, among others.

Smart Mobility Transport Solutions

Smart Mobility Analytic – SMA

Effective management of passenger and vehicle flows through an artificial intelligence model that reduces queues, waiting times, congestion and carbon footprint in port terminals.

      CMMS Transport Solutions

      Maintenance Management – CMMS

      Centralize and manage the maintenance tasks of your assets in a preventive and proactive way from your tablet or other devices.