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Horizontal software solutions are common business management functionalities that are useful for all types of companies and all industriesregardless of their specific business activity.

Since the software is not specialized, sometimes the drawback is that the solution may not be sufficient for certain companies that require a higher degree of customization. We can also find powerful software with useful but not very flexible features. In these cases, an adaptation may not work or make the product very expensive.

Therefore, the most important thing in these solutions is their ability to converge, integrate with previous systems and adapt so that, starting from something that can be applied in many contexts, it ends up working optimally in the context in which it is implemented. Although this may seem obvious, it is not. Many projects to implement this type of solution, which are shown to work perfectly when demonstrated to the customer, end up being unsuccessful.

This type of scenario must be avoided at all levels. When a company undertakes a technological project that does not succeed, it loses the company, which increases its scepticism. And it loses the system as a whole, which needs to progress through the transformation of the processes and systems that underpin them.


Data Quality Platform

Monitor your company’s data to know its quality at all times, avoid errors, omissions, duplications and disconnections that lead you to be inefficient and lose business opportunities.


Online Appointment Booking System

The functionalities of the online appointment solution eliminate the major drawbacks of appointment scheduling so that all parties, client and professional, benefit from a more efficient experience.