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Globally and comprehensively manage the services and benefits for the employees of your company or group, simplifying administrative work through self-management and automation.

The management of the benefits and services that an entity or company provides to a community requires intervention on the part of the company and interactions on the part of the community members and the service provider. These actions are not always supported by adequate, and rarely specific, management tools. The usual scenario implies that the management of the collective is done entirely or partly manually.

When we talk about collectives, we refer to any group of people coordinated by a main entity that offers them a specific service or social benefit, which the members of the collective enjoy at no cost or by assuming it totally or partially.

Delonia’s solution adapts to different types of groups and to very diverse services and products.: social benefits for employees such as life or health insurance, food vouchers, childcare assistance, training through specific or continuous courses, languages, wellness or wellness services, events, conferences and all those activities that require communication, adherence, and management limited in time or continuous.

All of them through a multifunctional solution based on self-management and usability designed for all types of users,where the administrative work of the collective is reduced to a minimum.




By employing a digital collective management tool, the company promotes itself as a technologically advanced place, while at the same time enhancing the value of the services it offers.

Centralized control

The company will have access to all the collective information, applications, communications, invoicing, surveys, etc., with the option of extracting aggregate information from its dashboard.



The platform allows the management of a wide range of products and services, from the most traditional ones such as insurance to the most innovative ones such as productivity gift vouchers, event management, etc.

Cost reduction

It systematizes and automates routine tasks, minimizing administrative work, which has repercussions in saving resources destined to the management and control of the group.

Flexibility in collection

The employer may adapt the charging for services so that all or part of the cost is borne by the employee through a co-payment/franchise system.



The solution has a notification system with users and service providers through a repository of self-manageable templates that facilitates the automation of communication.



The members or employees of the group will be able to make their own arrangements and the company will be able to review/accept applications according to the level of control it establishes.



From this solution, different groups within the same group can be configured according to criteria such as location, job category, work office, so that the offer can also be personalised.



The system optimizes the centralization, access and consultation of all the documentation, including the contractual one between the three parties, user, company and suppliers.


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  • Companies that manage through their Human Resources department the social benefits and services offered to their employees: insurance, meal tickets, childcare assistance, training, events, etc.
  • Professional associations
  • Sports federations
  • Collective societies


    Flexible hiring module

    The solution allows you to select the flexible contracting options that the company makes available to your group: products, services, events, training, etc.

    Collective Manager

    Human Resources will be able to register in the system the different groups with their group configuration, the services and providers as well as the payment percentages assumed by the user.

    Tariff calculator

    The price calculator is a functionality integrated with the supplier companies that allows estimating new products or recalculating existing ones.

    Document manager

    The system allows you to save the documentation generated by the system itself (contracts, general conditions, certificates, questionnaires, etc.) or any other documentation entered from outside.

    Application Manager

    Employees or members of the collective may request a service offered, as well as modify or cancel it autonomously.

    Receipts module

    The receipt manager functions as a repository that collects financial information on the collective’s services, individual and collective billing and receipts issued by providers.

    Notification channel

    The solution enables seamless communication between the company, the employee and the supplier, while all interactions are recorded in a single repository.

    Control panel

    This functionality provides an advanced system for generating reports and extracting online data that can be visualised with a configuration parameterised according to the company’s needs.

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