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At Delonia we offer effective management in the Development of Mobile Applications from initial conception to maintenance, focusing on the user experience.

Our team is up to date with the latest trends and technologies, which we apply to new projects, migrations or maintenance operations. The experience accumulated in real cases allows us to offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions adapted to the particularities of each client and this extends to the development of mobile applications.

For the development of mobile apps, it is essential to have knowledge related to traditional software development, and ato add knowledge adapted to this field, be it in the development of native applications, code generation systems or hybrid tools.

We put the priority on functional optimization and user experience and we especially promote communication with the client. In the development of mobile applications we always work in agile processes with progressive deliveries.

Mobility service lines

Native apps

They are created in integrated development environments and allow for greater customization of the necessary functions, while minimizing the increased cost required for this type of development.

Hybrid applications

They act like native applications but can be built faster, although they do not reach the degree of customization of native apps or as rich in features.

Progressive web applications

We develop them with web technologies such as Facebook React. They are halfway between an app that is installed on the device and a website that runs from the browser.

A progressive web app saves space and can work without internet access.

Encapsulated applications

An encapsulated application runs inside a container application.

Frameworks and Libraries

In very specific cases, reusable codes can be used to speed up the development of a mobile application.

Success story

Leading Parking App

The client was a leading parking app company that currently operates in more than 3,200 cities in 25 countries. The company’s goal is to make cities more humane, not by building more car parks or reducing the number of cars, but by managing the space.


Antares insurance company