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It is telecommunications and their ability to provide a lot of information at high speed and with high reliability and processing capacity that have been changing the world and altering the productive structure of modern economies for half a century. With this in mind, the telecoms sector seems to be more adapted to change, and indeed, most operators have led major digital transformation processes. Technology and its adaptation to the latest developments is a priority as network connectivity is the basis for all digital activities.

It is in this context that virtual operators, a new business format where telecommunications services can be provided without having their own network, have entered the market. Data analysis, which is very much in vogue and decisive in all businesses, also has a specific and special weight in this sector, as data includes the network, with all the implications it has, for example for geolocation services.

With the rise of messaging apps, messaging is becoming more and more SMS almost extinct, but nowadays they have been rescued mainly as an element of verification in state identification systems, notices or generalised state communications because they guarantee the service, which other more modern messaging applications cannot do.

Smart Mobility Transport Solutions

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

We take care of the entire process for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to be successful.

Location Based Services - LBS

Location Based Services – LBS

We undertake all types of processes related to Location Based Services (LBS).


Short Message Services – SMS

We have almost two decades of experience in SMS (Short Message Service) technology.