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With e-Prescription, the private practitioner issues prescriptions digitally, which can be dispensed at any pharmacy without the patient having to present any paper.

The implementation of electronic medical prescriptions in the Spanish National Health System is almost complete, but electronic prescriptions in private healthcare are not as widespread and paper is still commonly used. But using traditional prescriptions has many drawbacks and limitations. The practice of telemedicine during the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted them: less safety and control, no interoperability, more errors in prescribing information and dispensing, less clear information for the patient and less adherence to treatment.

Delonia’s e-prescription solution is based on a shared repository system between the healthcare professional, the customer and the pharmacy,which has all the measures in place to guarantee secure access and transmission of information.

The information included in the digital prescription is the same as that of a paper prescription, always in accordance with current health regulations. All are advantages: professionals speed up their work and control over their patients’ treatment. They can pick up medicines using only their ID card and prescription code, and pharmacies can dispense medicines with no margin for error and without having to interpret often illegible paper prescription texts.


Digital reputation

Implementing private electronic prescriptions is perceived very positively by patients, who interpret that the centre or doctor is committed to quality medical care in line with new technologies.

Patient retention

The doctor-patient relationship improves and with it the loyalty of their services: unnecessary trips, losses, forgetfulness or possible misunderstandings between the patient, doctor and pharmacist due to a wrong interpretation of the treatment are avoided.


Reduction of errors

E-prescribing allows the instructions issued by the physician to be legible, clear and available when required by the patient and the physician himself/herself. The risk of misinterpretation of the prescription by the patient is reduced.


High usability

Our e-prescription has been developed according to high usability principles to facilitate its use by low-tech profiles. The model is very intuitive for the patient, the prescriber and the pharmacy.


Systems integration

The system allows easy access to other modules of the Delonia Health Platform, avoiding the professional having to access different software: video consultation, clinical history, online appointment or payment gateway among others.


No video-consultation service can be offered, no matter how much patients demand it, without ensuring the security of the data being shared. No video-consultation service can be offered, no matter how much patients demand it, without ensuring the security of the data being shared.



A certified platform ensures that the information in the system is protected, that access and security are guaranteed and that the potential for fraud is eliminated.



The basis of the model and a prerequisite for obtaining the certification that guarantees our e-prescription. The aim of interoperability is to facilitate access to medication for patients anywhere in Spain without having to hand over printed instructions to the pharmacist.

Patient history

Having the patient’s prescriptions in a single repository makes it easier for the doctor to consult this information. The model makes it possible to extend this restricted access to other doctors by means of a coded authorisation system available only to the patient.



Doctors, dentists and podiatrists and, by extension, medical centres and hospitals wishing to prescribe medicines on digital prescriptions with the guarantee of complying with the current regulations set out in Royal Decree RD 1718/2010.


Identification system

Secure identified access with multi-factor verification – requiring authentication of separate categories of credentials – for prescribers and patient identification via ID number.

Automatic calculation of the treatment

The system automatically calculates the number of packages needed to cover the treatment.

Monitoring of dispensing

The medical professional will be able to track dispensing in pharmacies in real time.

GDPR Consent

Online management of patients’ GDPR consent in strict compliance with the legislation in force.

Prescription system

Prescription by active ingredient and trade name according to the AEMPS Nomenclator (CIMA). In addition, prescription of magistral formulae, narcotics or psychotropic drugs under special confidentiality parameters.

Recurring prescriptions

Recurrent prescriptions for chronic treatments can be prescribed so that the patient can go directly to the pharmacy without the need to visit the doctor again.

Treatment sheet

Sending the treatment sheet to the patient in electronic format via email or by accessing your platform if the e-prescription is integrated in the Delonia Health Platform.

B2B integration

Available via web interface or service API for B2B integrations.