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Adapted and fully customizable cybersecurity solutions.
We detect threats before they occur, ensuring the digital integrity of organizations.

Cybercrime has grown as society and business have gone digital and teleworking has increased the risks. Companies must also comply with the regulations that apply to IT security, which can be violated due to technical ignorance and which can lead to significant sanctions. Cybersecurity is essential for any organization that wants to minimize the economic and reputational risk of having its systems compromised.

At Delonia we carry out audits and penetration tests based on pentesting to detect vulnerabilities. Our security department identifies the problems and proposes personalized solutions adapted to the real situation of the company and the characteristics of the sector. The aim is to reinforce security and ensure that the business is not compromised by illegal hacking.

Service lines in security, vulnerability and ethical hacking

Vulnerability analysis

This audit identifies the weaknesses of the system, application or software and the degree of threat to the organization.

    Ethical Hacking/Red Team

    A real attack is reproduced as faithfully as possible. It is the model that provides the greatest value to protect the system and guarantee security.

      Standard services

      After years of experience in IT security, we offer pentesting audits:


        • We adapt the service to clients with specific needs: duration, dedication or systems to be audited.
        • We adapt the service: internal or external audit, risk management protocols, improvement requirements.

      A pentest or penetration test is a simulated attack against a computer system in order to evaluate its security.

      There are three types:

      • External or black box audit
        In this case, the role of an external attacker is assumed.
      • Internal or grey box audit
        It consists of evaluating the security after acting as an attacker with legitimate access to the system.
      • White box audit
        Sufficient permissions and knowledge of the system are granted here.
      Active safety

      With cybercrime, passive security measures are no longer enough, it is also necessary to add proactive cybersecurity. We work to mitigate the consequences of cyber attacks, but also to prevent them.

        Methodology and documentation

        Our services optimize auditing and consulting actions. We always offer a personalized service to our customers.
        We carry out the security audit with the aim of protecting the software. After each job, an exhaustive report is made in which all the elements are collected, emphasizing how to protect the threatened resources.

          Success story

          Software Company

          A software company valued at over 183 million euros and with a presence in 6 countries, specializing in employee management. Their goal was to create a technology platform that could simplify work planning and communication with employees. The implemented tool and today in operation allows to manage


          Antares insurance company