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The functionality of the online appointment solution eliminates the major drawbacks of diary management and clients and professionals benefit from a more efficient experience.

Our Online Appointment system allows the client to connect with the agenda of a professional or company to make online bookings. This tool is increasingly in demand because it makes it easier for users to manage appointments with the establishment they want to go to autonomously. They don’t need to adapt to customer service hours, or phone to find out when they can be reached, or send an email or a form, and then wait for a reply.

The online appointment system allows the client to access at any time, without time restrictions, directly from the company’s agenda, to free slots that have not yet been booked by other clients.

The advantages for the company that opens its online agenda are not minor, as it can save resources dedicated to the management of paper agendas, or to the telephone service aimed at closing appointments. There are no limits derived from your own timetable or available human resources.

It also minimises errors by keeping several parallel agendas managed manually. On the other hand, the company will provide a better service to the customer while obtaining more information from him. The customer data, structured and transferred with all the legal and security guarantees, will make it possible to improve the service and open up new marketing possibilities. And if the characteristics of the business allow for video service, or require payment in advance, this solution facilitates both functionalities.



Cost savings

The online appointment is based on self-management, on the client booking his or her own appointments. This autonomy means that the professional does not have to manage his or her appointments over the phone and does not need staff for this purpose.


Easy to use

Priority has been given to usability for the client, but also for the professional, who can easily manage the initial configuration, the modifications that need to be made later and the day-to-day procedures.

Calendar integration

The system includes integration with the most common agenda systems on the market, such as Google Calendar, so that the professional does not have to make parallel use of several agendas.


Make cancellation easy

Facilitating early cancellation means that the client will not fail to keep the booked appointment without notice, which will save the professional a lot of trouble, financial loss or overcharging.


Client communication

The solution has an automated communication system through the channel selected by the client, so that relevant information flows between the two parties without any manual management.


Reliable information

If the professional publishes his or her agenda, this may mean that the client has first-hand knowledge of his or her schedule, availability and the services he or she provides. All these aspects result in a more complete service.

Scalable and adaptable

It adapts to agendas of very different complexity, from those of complex structures such as companies with different franchises, locations and service providers, to the agenda of an individual professional.

Video service / payment gateway

The solution includes a video service and payment gateway, for those cases in which both functionalities are to be incorporated into the citation system as a single solution.



Automated online diary management will result in more punctual attendance at appointments, as the system will make it easier for the customer not to forget appointments that, for example, have been booked a long time ago.


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The Online Appointment system helps you if you are:


  • Companies with several centres, shops, franchises and locations that wish to publish online and centralise several agendas, coordinated for different services and with a structure of users by access levels.
  • Individual professionals who want to open their diary fully or partially online and facilitate online appointments for their clients.


Agenda configuration

The system will allow for versatile configuration of working hours, public holidays, holidays, holidays and to create and manage more than one calendar, among other functions.

Creation of a portfolio of services

Our citation system allows the registration of the professional’s entire citable service portfolio. For example, it makes it possible to configure services online or only in person. for medical consultations.

Waiting list manager

Functionality that the professional can enable or disable depending on his or her needs. This option allows you to fill gaps in services that have been cancelled with clients who have requested to be rescheduled whenever possible.

Control panel

The system will have a dashboard to display the most important aggregated data for the practitioner in numerical and graphical format.

Location settings

One of the limitations of online citation services that is solved here is that they do not deal with common difficulties, such as configuring the different locations where a professional works.

Communication settings

Functionality aimed at establishing the communication channels and the type of message provided, which the professional can select and configure according to his or her needs.

Satisfaction survey

The solution has a satisfaction survey management tool that allows the sending of surveys to clients once the service has taken place, with autonomy for the professional in the elaboration of the survey.

Client functionalities

The functionalities of the solution available to the professional will be reflected in the client’s utilities: appointment selection, agenda consultation, appointment confirmation and reminder, waiting list notification, appointment modification, service assessment, etc.