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Human Resources management is increasingly supported by specific software that facilitates the functions performed by these departments: training, recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, leave and absence control, time and attendance, payroll management, compensation and benefits, and many more. The prevailing idea is that the value these departments bring should not be in the administrative work they bear and that they should be minimised so that they can be channelled to other responsibilities.

Technology allows the employee to handle most of the issues he or she has to deal with the company with transparency and fluidity. Let machines take care of the most automatable part, so that people take on the more complex role that requires a direct and human relationship between the company and the employee.

Technology is also providing innovative solutions to help attract and retain talent in companies. Employees increasingly value the extra services that companies provide salary, time, flexibility and care. In this context, it is essential to be able to rely on intuitive and reliable solutions that manage these benefits without generating additional work and thus increasing operational costs.

Group Management Platform

Group Management Platform

Globally and comprehensively manage the services, products and employee benefits of your company or group, simplifying administrative work through self-management and automation.