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Project clinic arises from the demand to provide short-term, rapid-response services aimed at solving problems in third-party projects.

At Delonia we offer solutions beyond the traditional forms of consultancy and software development. Project clinic emerges as the professionalization of specialized services aimed at solving problems in third-party projects, either analyzing the feasibility of projects to start, solving difficulties in ongoing projects or remedying situations in completed projects.

This is one of Delonia’s most demanded and valued services. Thus, for example, the company that takes the decision to develop a particular software or implement a systems solution often does so with a high degree of uncertainty due to the lack of knowledge of the technological context to be handled. This is one of the reasons why digitization processes are not undertaken, which are necessary but are perceived as a risk. The way to provide certainty is to support these decisions with a feasibility analysis that provides security.

Project Clinic service lines

Problem solving

In technology projects, the chess game is often best seen from the outside, a sort of A-team is required. Situations where external help is needed to overcome obstacles with efficiency and agility.
The ultimate goal of the Delonia team is to solve the problem in the shortest possible time allowing the project to continue. It is also important to stress the treatment of confidentiality in any work.

Projects management:

  • Definition of work/project plans
  • Identification of technologies / products
  • Composition of working teams / trainings
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Risk analysis, evaluation and monitoring

Technical problems:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Troubleshooting performance and scalability
  • Reengineering, review and re-editing of code and programmes
  • Optimization of application servers and databases
  • Development, Maintenance and Operations

Training needs

Documentary and process support

Feasibility analysis

There are often big questions at the start of a project due to the risks involved and the decisions to be taken: choice of technologies, integrations, performance, etc.
The Delonia team provides a Feasibility Analysis service to its clients to reduce risks and doubts about future projects.

Feasibility Analysis projects include:

  • Prototype development
  • Definition of skeleton architectures (baseline feasibility)
  • Technical tests (stress, load, safety)
  • Study of technical alternatives
  • GAP Analysis (Problem – Solution)
Documentation and improvement

Documentation is essential for a quality system that can also be managed over time. It will always target the following elements:

  • Requirements management
  • Modelling solutions
  • Knowledge persistence
  • Identification of improvements
  • Action guide

Delonia’s work in documentation focuses on the following tools and products:

Documentation systems

  • Office files (MS Office, OpenOffice)
  • Modelling and Diagramming (UML, Visio, Enterprise Architect)
  • Knowledge Repositories (Wiki, Document Managers)
  • Requirements Management Tools (Requisite Pro, Quality Center, Caliber, Tigris)
  • Presentation / Video (MPEG, FLV, Pills)

Types of documents generated

  • Requirements Specification and Analysis
  • Technical Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Quality Plans / Testing
  • Process Definition
  • Risk Reporting
  • Capacity Plans

Success story

Telecommunications Operator

One of the largest telecommunications operators in Germany had a call centre employing some 80 people. This team was to serve more than 350,000 customers who had taken out mobile handset insurance.


Antares insurance company