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Solutions for insurance companies

New solutions for the insurance sector.


We apply quality methodologies and processes that make the systems robust. We provide validation and certification mechanisms for software developed by Delonia or third parties. In addition, we intervene in other projects to solve specific problems.


Our solutions are not only fast and efficient, but also tailored to the customer’s needs and fully customizable. Success in the project translates into customer satisfaction. We are always driven by the desire to provide solutions to problems.

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Comunicación e intercambio de información

Communication and exchange of information

Communication and information exchange is vital in companies, not only internally but also with customers and suppliers. Digitization and centralization of information improves performance.

Delonia en la prensa: El Periódico destaca el proyecto Smart Mobility Analytics

Delonia in the news: Smart Mobility Analytics project highlighted in El Periódico article

We are proud to share that Delonia Software has been featured in Barcelona-based newspaper El Periódico. The company was mentioned in an article that talks about the Spanish Port Authority’s Ports 4.0 fund. The fund, which aims to improve port management, operations...

User Experience in Health Insurance: Semantic Web

User Experience in Health Insurance: Semantic Web

Iterar software es crear, es la fusión de ingeniería y arte

Iterating software is creating, it is the fusion of engineering and art

First of all, a brief explanation of what iterative development is: to build software by dividing the work into phases or iterations, performing in each of them what would be the complete software development cycle, that is, analyze, design, implement, test and...
Gestión de riesgos: identificar y asumir las amenazas

Risk management: identifying and dealing with threats

The textbook risk management says that risks must be avoided and mitigated so that they do not turn into problems. But, like code merge, one cannot avoid assuming and facing risks that are not under one's control. We must accept that we do not always have the capacity...

Delonia awarded contract for the development and implementation of Mutualia’s Digital Prescription System

Delonia awarded contract for the development and implementation of Mutualia’s Digital Prescription system

Aseguradoras cautivas: lo más importante de 2023

Captive Insurance: highlights of 2023

Captive insurers: the highlights of 2023. The Captive Review website reviews the most important news of 2023 in the captive insurance industry.

Balance del proyecto SMA (Smart Mobility Analytics): superando lo previsto

A Review of the SMA (Smart Mobility Analytics) Project: Surpassing Expectations

It has been a year since Delonia Software was selected by the State-owned Spanish Port System for its Smart Mobility Analytics project. And over these 12 months, the project has been making great progress. Despite the challenges and obstacles of such a complex and...
eSIM: un mundo sin tarjeta

eSIM: a cardless world

My last cell phone I inherited from a family member who likes to change devices frequently. When I took the SIM card out of my phone I was shocked, I didn't remember how small it was. With the SIM card, Moore's Law (every two years the number of transistors in a...

The Digital Portfolio of Services in Health Insurance

Characteristics and typology of health questionnaires in personal and health insurance underwriting

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