Technology Consulting and Software Development Services.
Turnkey solutions for Industrial and Enterprise Management, Mobility and Systems Integration.

Solutions for insurance companies

New solutions for the insurance sector.


We apply quality methodologies and processes that make the systems robust. We provide validation and certification mechanisms for software developed by Delonia or third parties. In addition, we intervene in other projects to solve specific problems.


Our solutions are not only fast and efficient, but also tailored to the customer’s needs and fully customizable. Success in the project translates into customer satisfaction. We are always driven by the desire to provide solutions to problems.

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Calidad del Software

Importance of Software Quality

Software Quality determines the success (or not) of the company that uses it. Sometimes, the desire to be always up to date leads to carrying out processes as quickly as possible, which does not always help to have quality software.

6 principles for a new health insurance model

  Describing in a simple and comprehensible way a new insurance business model in the health insurance sector, as an alternative to the current model, goes beyond technology and software development, although digitalization plays a key role in it. This...

Knowledge and Digitalization of Health Insurance

When I think about what I have learned working in the insurance industry, I find that it has been the experience that has helped me to solve problems and improve things. Day-to-day business experiences and thinking and reflecting on those experiences. One of the keys...
Pago anticipado de las consultas médicas: Pros y contras

Prepayment for medical appointments: Pros and cons

  Advance payment for services Asking a patient to prepay all or part of the service or consultation at the time of booking is an unusual practice in the private healthcare system, but it is an option available to medical professionals and centres. Advance...
Digitalización vs Automatización

Digitalization vs automation

Digitalization and automation are two terms that are often related. But what exactly is the difference between digitalization and automation? The RAE (Royal Academy of the Spanish Language) defines the word digitalize as: "to convert or encode into digits continuous...
I Ching, Leibniz y la informática

I Ching, Leibniz and computing

Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz ((1646-1716) was one of the forerunners of computing. He designed the first machine that could perform the four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. His "calculating machine" was capable of...

Online appointment systems for healthcare professionals and health care centers

The autonomy sought by clients in the self-management of their services is reflected in the proliferation of online appointment booking systems. With these, customers can see the days and times available for the service they need and make a reservation online without...
La solución SMA presentada en el Master de Experto Portuario

The SMA solution presented at the Port Expert Master’s course

José Antonio Clavijo presented Delonia's SMA (SMART MOBILITY ANALYTICS) solution by videoconference during the Master Port Expert - Projects for Smart Ports organised by the Universitat Politècnica de València València on 20 May 2023, with the collaboration of...
Captive Leaders Summit Munich 2023

Captive Leaders’ Summit Munich 2023

Munich, the attractive city in southern Germany, has been chosen as the venue for the event to be held on 6 June 2023. Both the city's strategic location and its many attractions will motivate industry leaders from across Europe to attend the summit. Attendance is by...
Delonia visita la exposición PRINT3D

Delonia visits the PRINT3D exhibition

A group of the Delonia team had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of the “PRINT3D”, exhibition, which was on display at CaixaForum Madrid from 8 February to 21 May 2023. The exhibition was divided into eight thematic areas. The first area of the exhibition...

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