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The insurance sector is very competitive and as technology integrates into people’s lives, customers demand a different, more personalized and increasingly digital experience. For this reason, companies that want to move forward and lead the future will have to adapt their processes to new technologiesdigitize their business and operations and thus meet the needs of their customers.

Reinsurers, too, have much room for technological progress and improvement. And not only to facilitate their work but, above all, to to make decisions that reduce their exposure to risk. In this case, making much more accurate risk predictions and analysis and controlling operating costs and claims will lead reinsurance companies to become more efficient.

The possibilities for improvement are almost endless: the automation of processes, a closer and more transparent relationship with the customer, avoiding the traditional frictions of the sector, control over expenditure by minimising losses due to fraud, analysis of current and emerging risks, the development of new business models, and much more. A universe of possibilities that relies on data, its advanced control and the management of models based on artificial intelligence solutions.

Delonia Reinsurance Solutions

Reinsurance Platform

Comprehensive solution for the management of reinsurance contract activity on a single platform.

Insurance Suit Delonia Solutions

Insurance Suite

At Delonia we help companies to become Digital Insurers thanks to our experience in the sector, the analysis of each business and the technological solutions that make up our suite.

Insurance mediation Delonia Solutions

Insurance Mediation Suite

Our team has been working for more than two decades with leading large risk insurance and reinsurance intermediaries, implementing solutions in several countries in Europe and America.

Health Insurance Delonia Solutions

Health Core for Insurance Entities

The healthcare platform provides the technological support needed by insurance companies that want to take on a new role in the private healthcare ecosystem: to move beyond processing benefits to managing the health of their insured patients.

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