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The client

One of the largest telecommunications operators in Germany had a call centre staffed by some 80 people. This team had to service more than 350,000 customers who had taken out mobile handset insurance.

The customer service centre had serious difficulties in resolving queries and processing claims from policyholders because they relied on a deficient programme that did not provide them with the information and functionalities they needed. Neither did it have the necessary integrations nor did they work correctly.


The challenge

Software had to be developed to facilitate the work of the call centre. It had to manage the insurance policies previously taken out by the Operator and, above all, to handle claims under those mobile insurance policies in the event of loss, theft or breakage.

The challenge was to create software that would comprehensively support call centre operations, making them more efficient and consolidating the service provided to customers. This required the integration of a multitude of operations and entities: policies, claims, invoicing, logistics, calls and communicationsamong others.

The solution

To address the shortcomings, a comprehensive policy management programme was developed and launched in Germany in May 2018. Delonia opted for an individual development project with React and Java technology, on top of an Oracle database through a 3-layer architecture and following the Scrum method.

Thanks to an exhaustive testing process, the program was able to work effectively, managing and automating the processing of claims. All the different processes were successfully integrated and the bureaucracy generated by this type of business flow was drastically reduced.

One of the keys was that the program was created in close collaboration with both the client and all the suppliers. Since the beginning and until now, Delonia continues to take care of the project, carrying out maintenance and updating work.

Call Centre of


The outcome

The effectiveness of the programme meant that the call centre team was reduced from 80 to around 25 people, as customers called much less due to the improved service. In addition, the call centre staff worked more efficiently and comfortably thanks to the support provided by the software.

Policy management processes, claims processing, billing, coordination of logistics and suppliers, among others, were automated. This made it possible to efficiently manage thousands of invoices per day in an automated manner and above all, to streamline the administrative tasks involved in the relationship between the various suppliers.

Moreover, although the security of the processes is guaranteed, continuous upgrades are made to improve the system and add automations. The final result has been an optimized system adapted to the needs of the client, which has allowed the latter to reduce personnel costs, in addition to improving the satisfaction of the insured, management and logistics.

Our solution currently handles an average of 1,500 claims per month out of a total of approximately 222,000 policies. This represents a turnover in insurance premiums of 2,300,000 euros per month.

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