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A certified digital prescription solution for the Private Prescription and Prescription Repository System for doctors, dentists and podiatrists.

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Certification and legal guarantees

Delonia’s ePrescription system is certified and meets all the requirements of the General Councils of Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists and Pharmacists. At all times, the patients’ right to data protection is preserved and all those involved in the process are legally supported.

Security and confidentiality

The ePrescription is interoperable, connecting the three parties involved in the process with all the security guarantees that the handling of personal health data requires.
All those involved have the guarantee that the prescription is valid, complete, fully and correctly filled in.

Integration with your systems

Aware of the diversity of needs and the agility of the market, Delonia’s ePrescription is at the service of the Third Party business, facilitating the incorporation of new functionalities and operations, interacting through the integration of services and offering itself as a customizable brand.

Prescription process in 6 steps

Easy, Safe and Digital.

1. El prescriptor identifica al paciente

The prescriber selects the patient (or creates the patient if this is the first time he/she is seeing him/her) and selects the location where he/she is consulting if he/she is serving from more than one location.

2. El prescriptor selecciona los medicamentos

The prescriber selects the medicinal product(s) to be prescribed, with the appropriate dosage and the specific written instructions to be given to the patient.

3. El prescriptor emite la receta

The prescription is issued with as many medicines as it has been necessary to prescribe for the patient.

4. El prescriptor firma digitalmente la receta

The prescriber electronically signs the prescription by entering a verification code. Although the prescription arrives digitally to the patient, he/she can print it out and hand it in if he/she wishes.

5. Al paciente le llega la hoja de tratamiento

The patient receives a text message and an email with the treatment sheet and the prescription identification code.

6. La farmacia dispensa los medicamentos

The pharmacy will dispense the treatment to the patient upon presentation of the digital or printed prescription together with the patient’s National Identity Card.


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Delonia’s ePrescription is a prescription system approved by the General Council of Official Medical Associations, which means:

That the system has been implemented in accordance with Article 14.4 of Royal Decree 1718/2010, of 17 December, on medical prescriptions and dispensing orders.

2. That it has full guarantees of security in the access and transmission of information and protection of the confidentiality of personal data.

3. That it strictly complies with the requirements for medical prescriptions set out in the current health regulations.

Why are we different?


  • High customization of the solution
  • Simplification of the prescription process
  • Total adaptation of the front end (Provider’s Portal)
  • Medical history, with the possibility of clinical analysis of the patient.


  • Identification of the professional and the patients
  • Specific Vademecum if available in the Company or Centre
  • Prescription integration (data and PDF)
  • Prescription dispensing in pharmacies

More than a prescription

  • Connected with Delonia eHealth solutions
  • Online Appointment and Videoconsultation
  • Patient Medical History
  • Reimbursement of medicines and medical expenses


Delonia ePrescription has all the necessary functionalities to facilitate the prescription of private medical prescriptions in a practical and simple environment.

Identification system

Identified prescriber access with multi-factor verification and electronic signature of the prescription as an essential requirement for patient safety.

Treatment sheet

Sending the therapeutic treatment sheet to the patient in electronic format with the possibility for the prescriber to print it out and hand it to the patient if desired.

Automatic calculation of packaging

The system automatically calculates the packaging required to cover the treatment that has been selected in the system.

Active ingredient and trade name

Prescription through the AEMPS CIMA nomenclator, with the possibility of adapting the system to other private databases or standardized vademecum.

Communication channel

Between the prescriber and the pharmacy, with the possibility for the pharmacy to issue precautionary blocking orders if it detects a problem with the prescribed treatment.

Recurring prescriptions

Recurrent prescriptions for chronic treatments may be prescribed for up to 365 days from the date of prescription.

Prescriptions repository

Access to the patient’s treatment information for electronic dispensing from the pharmacy upon presentation of the prescription code and ID card.

Alert and warning system

Optional authorization in the system and that allows increasing the safety of the prescription by warning of possible drug interactions or allergies.

Confidential treatments

The physician may mark a treatment as confidential so that it appears on a separate patient sheet.

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A private electronic prescription solution that makes life more convenient and secure for doctors, dentists, podiatrists, pharmacists and patients.







Legal security

The ePrescription provides the prescriber with legal certainty at every step of the process, guaranteeing that prescribing and dispensing is carried out in compliance with the requirements of current legislation.


The doctor, dentist or podiatrist can prescribe long-term treatments and the patient can pick up the medication from the pharmacy as needed. The prescriber will be able to access complete information on the prescription-dispensing cycle and consult it quickly and easily if needed.

Communication with the pharmacist

Canal de comunicación entre el prescriptor y el farmacéutico a través del cual este podrá indicarle cualquier anomalía o problema que surja durante la dispensación del medicamento.


The ePrescription is designed to be very easy to use and can be integrated with the management system of the professionals’ consultation, the medical history of the patients or the private area of this if it had been enabled.


Information on medication shall be available to the patient and to the professionals to whom the patient provides access, regardless of the prescribing professional. You will not have to ask the doctor for new prescriptions until you finish your treatment, avoiding unnecessary trips.

Confidentiality of information

The privacy of treatment information is a priority. It is the patient who has the power to grant access to his or her medication to the pharmacist for dispensing.

Clinical safety

The ePrescription offers the possibility for the prescriber to have a system of alerts and aids for the detection of drug interactions, duplications or allergies. In addition, the pharmacist will be able to block a prescription as a precautionary measure, if there is a suspicion of an adverse effect or any other situation that could have negative consequences for the patient’s health.

Treatment adherence

The patient is helped to improve adherence to treatment by facilitating access to the medicine in the pharmacy until the end or renewal date of the treatment, with the prescriber and pharmacist being able to check the dispensing schedule.


Pharmacies can dispense private sector medicines in the same way as they dispense public sector prescriptions without having to handle paper, enhancing their role as a healthcare agent by having a dialogue with the prescribing professional.

Regulatory compliance

They will comply with regulations on the dispensing of medicines with an electronic prescription model that provides legal certainty at every step of the process from prescription to dispensing. They may also dispense narcotic drugs subject to all additional control requirements.

Easy dispensing

Access to the patient-enabled prescription repository is very easy. The process is transparent and does not impact the activity of the pharmacist. In addition, ePrescription has the option to integrate with the pharmacy management software to make the dispensing process even easier.

Pharmacotherapeutic follow-up

Pharmacotherapeutic monitoring is facilitated and thus the prevention and resolution of negative outcomes associated with the medication of patients for whom medication is dispensed.

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