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The client

A global telecommunications operator that aims to automate much of the recurring testing of its Employee Portal for around 150,000 employees. This required a company capable of providing an effective functional test automation service on the platform.

The challenge

Failures or errors in the Employee Portal had a high impact because it contained personal and sensitive information, such as health or billing data. On the other hand, the environment was very changeable and new functionalities were often added. It is not easy to automate functional testing in a process characterized by instability. For most companies, it is not easy to break the vicious circle of “we don’t automate because we don’t have time, and because we don’t have time, we don’t automate.”

The solution

A test plan was implemented and automated with the necessary tools, by simulating user interactions and executing the Employee Portal functionalities.. One of the keys to success was the element identifier that allowed, when the software was updated and, for example, a field was moved, the system was able to identify the change and act accordingly. Buttons, text fields… everything was identified so that it could be tested automatically. In addition, synergy was achieved between all elements subject to automated testing: web environment, mobile application and other systems. Tests were performed automatically as often as required by business changes.

Cost savings
testing process


The outcome

Process reliability was increased by being able to validate applications efficiently and consistently, minimizing undetected errors. Automation saved the company considerable time, shortening test cycles from days to minutes.. The greater agility in the process resulted in a significant increase in performance.

Until then, testing had been done manually which, in practice, meant accepting the impossibility of covering all scenarios. Automation made it possible to test all variables and identify possible problems.. Another advantage is that it was easier to edit and implement changes.

Delonia’s client found that automation not only helped to provide an efficient service to users, but was also a time and cost saving tool. What was sometimes seen as an expense had proved to be a worthwhile investment.

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