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e-Mascotas is a digital platform focused on the management of services from insurance companies and veterinary marketplaces where the client has their pet’s digital veterinary record

e-Mascotas is a modular software for the management of services for pets. It is the support for companies that need a technological solution that enables from the location of veterinarians and suppliers, online appointment, video consultation, contracting of services, registration of information in the veterinary booklet, reimbursement of expenses up to the settlement of services to the supplier.

With this support, and from a single environment, the most demanded services for pet care can be offered: veterinary care services in consultation, at home or online, hairdressing, residences, training or any other. It adapts to different business and financing models, making the platform perfect for insurance companies or veterinary network marketplaces that want to make the leap to digital management. The solution meets the needs of the owner/pet, the provider/veterinarian and the insurance company or service network manager in a scalable and adaptable model.

For the pet owner, the solution covers their service needs in a single environment with the great advantage of having the digital veterinary booklet in your private area, a tool that centralises your pet’s care information, updated by the attending veterinarians and accessible to all those professionals to whom the owner has access.

The platform is built on a technology that integrates services into policy, customer and supplier databases, so that it can work optimally for companies that already have customers and services in place and need to drive their business by transforming it into a fully digital experience.



Complete and accurate information on the clinics and each of their veterinarians, with the benefits and services they provide, being able to locate the most appropriate professional according to the ailment or diagnosis of the pet thanks to its semantic search engine.

modular and integrated

The system is based on different functional modules that work as a single piece but have the capacity to operate independently integrated into the legacy systems and databases of any company.



The solution is based on a model of personal assistants based on artificial intelligence techniques and web semantics that provides, among other things, an advanced search engine for providers or preventive care information depending on the pet’s care.


digital veterinary booklet

The system provides the pet owner with access to an up-to-date digital veterinary record of the services and treatments received by the pet, which is automatically recorded in the system by the veterinarian providing the service.


By means of a Security PIN, the owner will give online access to his pet’s registration details to the veterinarians and providers who attend the animal. Sharing health information securely ensures better care.


The solution allows you to manage the reimbursement of veterinary expenses by enabling assistance, reimbursement or mixed insurance models. The management is completely digital without the need for original paper documentation in any case.


The system enables different models of access to services: financed by the insurance company, or totally or partially paid for by the insured through a franchised or co-payment system, facilitating payment from the client’s private area.


Based on information validation and control systems, the platform enhances customer self-management. The latter accesses the services it needs more easily and autonomously, and the company does not use valuable resources to support simple operations.


The platform makes it possible to provide a comprehensive health service to the pet, from the advanced search engine for veterinarians, going through the online citation of the same and ending in the detailed settlement to the provider in any payment model for the service that the client has contracted.


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  • Pet insurance companies that want to have a technological support that allows them to broaden the scope of their offer and improve the overall service to the insured.


  • Companies with a network of veterinary care and pet services that want to set up a multifunctional, digital service marketplace.


Pricing and subscription

A product workshop is incorporated that allows you to configure the calculation of rates for pet insurance.

Authorizing center

For the automatic calculation and management of the payment of benefits according to the type of financing chosen.


With access to the digital veterinary booklet and enabling online prescription of medicines.

Pet's Veterinary Booklet

Updated by the veterinarians treating the pet and access controlled through the owner’s security PIN.

Reimbursement of invoices

By means of a complete self-management system, without the need to provide original documentation.



Notification Centre

Automated communication between the company, the client and the supplier centralized in the corresponding private areas.

Service finder

Search engine based on semantic web technology that allows intuitive searching through open texts.

Online Appointment

Linked and integrated with other modules such as video-consultation or the management of the staff of veterinarians and service providers.

Digital prescription of medicines

Automation and control of the generation of recipes and prescriptions for the pet.

Settlement to suppliers

Automatic and intermediated by the company, at the time of service and without having to wait for periodic settlements.

Enrollment of veterinarian and providers

For models for the incorporation of new professionals into care cadres to be created or to provide detailed information on existing cadres.


BigData Analytic

The information management of the entire platform is oriented towards its integration and online analysis.

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