The European Captive Forum is a leading event, a must for the captive insurance industry. The forum will take place on November 9 and 10, 2022 at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the event, here are some facts:

  • 50 billion dollars of annual premium will be represented
  • + 700 delegates
  • + 30 countries
  • 1 out of 3 delegates are Captive Owners
  • + 100 speakers
  • + 25 sessions

One of the central themes of the event is Employee Benefits. Aspects such as digitalisation, a key issue in achieving automation, will be addressed, as the former is an unavoidable condition for achieving the latter. Digitalization guarantees self-management by the employee.

The insurance sector has not escaped the rise in costs that has a direct impact on corporate insurance premiums, both in the insurance and reinsurance markets. When calculating risk, it is first necessary to determine how inflation affects the business. In inflationary times the captive can be a fundamental tool to control prices.

The pandemic was a challenge for everyone, including captive insurers who, among other difficulties, had to maintain Employee Benefits in difficult circumstances. Once the health emergency was over, it was necessary to adapt to a world that had changed, to what has come to be called the new normality.

Another phenomenon that is becoming increasingly important is cyber risk, and one of its main characteristics is that it is very difficult to measure. Given this scenario, the most appropriate response can be given by the captive. Faced with the impossibility of finding a third party to ensure the threat posed by cyber risk, it is the company itself, with the captive, which provides a solution to the lack of coverage (self-insurance).

During the European Captive Forum, key questions will be raised such as:

  • Strategies in the face of an inflationary scenario.
  • Impact of Covid on Employee Benefits management.
  • Steps to be taken by captives to adapt to the new market circumstances.
  • Use of technology in the management of Employee Benefits.
  • Future trends in Employee Benefits.
  • Impact of the war in Ukraine on captive business.
  • Captives facing pandemics and other health emergencies.
  • The sharp rise in mental health costs.
  • The growing importance of telemedicine.
  • Influence of teleworking on Employee Benefits.
  • The gig economy phenomenon.
  • Importance of data quality in Employee Benefits management.
  • Employee Benefits and the cloud.
  • The new trilogy of physical, mental, and social health.