Delivering is everything, until then what we do is in our personal domain, where it can have whatever form and substance we want. When we deliver our work it becomes visible, and we should not spoil a good job with a bad presentation. It is of little use to have invested weeks if we forget to attach the first page or if there are spelling mistakes. Here comes to mind the saying: the first impression is the one that counts.

We generate a trust problem for the client if we make a demo that does not work, a poorly presented or written document can lead to a reputation crisis. The work must be based on simplicity, following the principle of KISS which is an acronym for keepit simple, stupid! and emphasizes the importance of simplicity over complexity.


La belleza de lo sencillo


What must we do to deliver and succeed?


  • Do not let it explode. In some cases a document is created that the customer cannot open, a version that does not login… Solution: test before delivery.
  • That it works. The software does its job, the presentation contains all the points, the document incorporates the required information, etc.
  • Be as expected. If we don’t know what the customer wants, we won’t understand what needs to be done. You have to understand, ask and ask again. Never do anything we don’t understand.
  • Look good. A perfect work that is presented without order, with faults, may be received worse than a poor work well cared for in appearance and form. Some tricks we can use:
    • Colors: pastel shades for everything, fonts, banners, etc. There is no need to invent. You can use this reference.
    • Simplicity: is the key to make things look good. Complicate the interfaces is like complicating the code, if there is no need, the result gets worse. Remember, KISS.
    • Size: size matters… so everything will be clear, even on a low-resolution screen.
    • Proportion: the feeling of harmony comes with proportionality and simplicity, as well as ease of visualization. What is known as the
      golden ratio.
    • The details: there is a Saxon expression that reminds us that the devil is in the details. Some small element can be overlooked and ruin the final result of a project. Attention to detail makes the difference between a standard job and an excellent one.
    • Deliver more than expected: do not settle for delivering an error-free and good-looking result, but go beyond and give the customer even more than she or he expects. Whether it’s adding unsolicited information, an extra feature, solving an endemic problem, or anything that makes the customer’s life easier.

La belleza de lo sencillo

Needless to say, the basis of everything we do is that “it’s done right“. This is the principle on which all our work revolves. Once it is well done, we must try to make the result as simple as possible.