1. User experience in Digital Health.


We all know or have had some disastrous digital experiences with convoluted mobile apps or websites that have led us to wonder and question whether digitization is worth it or if it is for a few “technology users”.

The reality is that many companies approach digitalization processes from a purely technological point of view and offload the responsibility for digital projects onto IT departments. This is a big mistake. In order to carry out a rigorous and efficient digitalization, it must be based on business, customer and user criteria and strategies. In other words, these projects must be led by the Business, Commercial and Customer Service Departments, supervising and validating the entire user experience.

When it comes to implementing processes to be used by end users, customer service departments, who are the true experts on the customer’s ultimate needs, must be given special prominence.

Another important issue is to manage the change, how to take customers from analogical procedures – face-to-face or by phone – to digital ones by implementing Private Areas accessible from app or web. From this point of view, we will now take a closer look at the process of welcoming the client when contracting a health services product and how to begin to guide him/her in its management. This is what we call the Digital Welcome Pack.


To carry out a rigorous and efficient digitization, it must be based on business, customer and user criteria and strategies.


Welcome experience in digital health



2. Digital Health Welcome Experience.


We will begin the welcome experience by skipping the previous steps of a possible online contracting of the product, resuming the process at the point where the user can start using the contracted services.

We will divide this experience into four steps which, depending on the product contracted, will undergo the pertinent adaptation adjustments:

These steps are:

  • Activation of the service, which may be initiated by an e-mail to the customer confirming that the product has been contracted.
  • Initial Landing containing the relevant basic information and the action button to start the process.
  • Recommended actions, usually aimed at completing the user’s profile and preferences.
  • Access to the private area and promotion of the first service to be used by the customer.


Welcome experience in digital health



3. The four steps of the welcoming experience



It is the beginning of the customer welcome process. It is composed of all the actions that are mandatory to access the private area for the first time. This activation process is composed of:

  • 1 Email communication for validation of email and telephone numbers
    An email is sent to each of the policyholders to initiate the process of validating the contact information (email and telephone) provided by the policyholder at the time of taking out the policy (e.g. family policy). This email is sent once the policyholder has signed the contractual documentation and paid the first bill.

  • 2 Validation of email and password
    An email is sent to the insured to validate their email and phone number.

  • 3 User creation

    • If the insured does not have a private area user, he/she will be asked to create a password.
    • If the insured already has a user in the private area (either because he/she has another policy or because he/she has a user in the company’s private area), he/she will be asked for the credentials to log in.

  • 4 Signing the health questionnaire
    (if applicable and only for policyholders other than the policyholder), you will be presented with your health questionnaire, which you must sign. In addition, you must also accept the privacy policy and the conditions of use of the private area.
  • 5 Personal code generation: personal code generation screen. This is a 6-digit code that will be requested from the insured each time he/she accesses his/her Personal Health Record.
  • 6 Activated profile screen


Welcome experience landing page

After activating the policyholder, a landing page will be displayed with basic information on the main items on which the contracted product model is based. The landing page is composed of the following blocks:

  • 1 Header
  • 2 Personal physician
  • 3 Personal Health Program
  • 4 Personal Health History
  • 5 Favorite services (clinics, pharmacies, stores, etc.)
  • 6 Recommendations for the use of the service
  • 7 Virtual Card, APP (downloads)


Recommended actions

After the welcome landing, a screen is displayed to indicate the recommended actions to be taken to provide the first service:

  • Start your Personal Health History now in your Private Area.
  • Make an appointment with your Personal Physician to develop your Personal Program or if you prefer, start it yourself. If you prefer another Personal Physician, you can change it at any time in the “My health team” menu.
  • Download the mobile application and virtual card.


Private Area

Once completed, the customer will be shown all the functionalities and contents of his private area and/or app, encouraging him to perform the first action or use of services according to the company’s priorities.


Welcome experience in digital health


The following considerations should be taken into account:

  • Provided that the welcome process has not been completed, if the policyholder logs in again, the process will be displayed at the point at which it was left. The welcome process is considered completed when the recommended actions screen is passed and the private area is displayed for the first time.
  • Once the private area has been completed and accessed for the first time, the next time the private area is accessed, the welcome process will no longer be displayed.
  • The welcome landing page and the screen with the recommended actions should always be available to be shown again to the customer. From the following point in the private area.
  • In the event that the Personal Health Record has not been started, an alert will appear.


This is only an indicative outline of points to be taken into account in a process of these characteristics. The most important thing is that this experience, being the customer’s first contact with our service, must be very careful, simple and happy, and must always be supported by a good support department that helps the customer in this process.