José Antonio Clavijo presented Delonia’s SMA (SMART MOBILITY ANALYTICS) solution by videoconference during the Master Port Expert – Projects for Smart Ports organised by the Universitat Politècnica de València València on 20 May 2023, with the collaboration of Innsomnia and the Fundación Valenciaport.

Delonia’s SMART MOBILITY ANALYTICS (SMA) solution makes it possible to manage the mobility of seaport terminals during critical moments, for example, when tourists go ashore to discover the city. The solution has been selected in the competition promoted by Puertos del Estado in the framework of the Plan de Impulso al Emprendimiento para la Innovación en el Sector Portuario (Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan for Innovation in the Port Sector).

The SMA solution presented at the Port Expert Master's course

Inform, prevent and improve

The system provides real-time passenger and vehicle “queue status” information to all actors in the mobility chain. Activity is measured by cameras and analyzed by AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms. Another benefit of monitoring is that it enables transport demand forecasting and improves cruise-related activities within the port.

In the pilot test, calculation accuracies (people, vehicles, etc.) of more than 90% were achieved, even though the cameras were not arranged in ideal positions and conditions.

Flow control

People flows are analysed from multiple perspectives: main gate, taxis, tour buses, public transport buses, side gates, etc. Metrics measure the occupancy rates in the different zones (taxis, buses, private vehicles…). In addition, the flow of vehicles entering and leaving the terminal is monitored and measured by category: buses, taxis, etc.

The tool measures, among other parameters, the percentage (%) of occupancy both in queues and in parking lots, which makes it possible to obtain metrics such as the number of parked vehicles and the percentage of occupancy per unit of time. The agents of the mobility chain monitor in real time the status in the different areas of the terminal or terminals, for example, the waiting time per passenger in the taxi queue.


The solution is associated with a tool for data analysis from different sources of information: cameras and external systems that will allow the generation of reports on the activity and quality of service in terms of mobility in the terminal.

In short, Delonia’s SMART MOBILITY ANALYTICS (SMA) tool makes it possible to efficiently manage the flow of people and vehicles in a terminal. The information provided by the system is a powerful tool for mobility agents, passengers and carriers. All parties have better information and perform their activity more efficiently.